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SLJ FIBER is an infotainment Service Provider

Infotainment is a term and a popular buzzword for a media device or service that delivers a combination of information and entertainment. The content delivered via infotainment is designed to be informative yet entertaining enough to attract and maintain the consumer's interest.

Infotainment can refer to a variety of content served through traditional media such as television, print, radio, or the Internet.

In 2009, Lakshmi Networks was established as a proprietorship firm, and in 2018 it was reformed into SLJ Fiber Networks Pvt. Ltd. We are trying to build a strong business by offering franchise opportunities to aspirants who are interested in joining us. We are strongly moving towards establishing our network in different locations.

SLJ FIBER is a best-wired infotainment service provider. We are offering broadband, television channels, and intercom services through Fiber-To-The-Home Technology (FTTH). We are offering you high-speed internet, high quality television channels, and high-quality intercom services through FTTH technology.

Leaders in Fiber-To-The-Home technology (not fiber to the building), each and every customer is purely connected through optical fiber cable. SLJ Fiber provides broadband on optical fiber, designed to carry a vast amount of data at up to 2.5 Gbps for every individual customer. SLJ FIBER has a quality infrastructure to deliver world-class service to our customers.

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