Gated Community


Gated Community

SLJ Fiber offers a new technology, Fibre to the Home (FTTH), which is a unique technology being deployed by SLJ Fiber for the first time in Guntur. The fiber connectivity has unlimited services like bandwidth (data), television (video), and intercom, offering corporates, gated communities, apartments, and villas the best of services.

It offers a comprehensive solution for gated communities, video conferencing, video calls, and other internet-based services. Customers will receive a power backup unit with a full load backup of four hours and a normal backup of two days.

SLJ Fiber accelerates the standard of living in communities by seamlessly integrating diverse communication devices that include data, audio-visual channels, and CC cameras with the use of cutting-edge technology.

Enabling a single-window delivery of multiple services, SLJ Fiber provides direct fiber internet to your home. Every home in the community can now enjoy the easy interaction of diverse communication.

In gated communities, customers are not willing to lay cables overhead. Those required concealed wiring. In FTTH technology, we can run the cables up to 20KMs. And we can transfer unlimited data.


Nowadays, technology has been improved, and every gadget, every home appliance, and gate can be accessed online. For this, we required more data speeds and unlimited plans. SLJ Fiber plans have been created to meet all of your requirements.


TV screens have been increased. Video pixel quality requirements are high. Our FTTH Technology provides high pixel quality and can also transmit 4K video data. will enjoy high-quality services with us.

Digital Cable TV:

The video pixel quality requirement is high on TV screens. Our FTTH technology provides high pixel quality and can also transmit HD video data. You will enjoy high-quality services with us.


Gated Communities' Intercom Services are absolutely free.